Tex Mex Pizza

Hey Foodies! I’m back with an amazing dish that is Tex Mex Pizza. You can put your favorite veggies or you can add chicken too, but remember Tex Mex needs to be spicy and piquant. So, buy a pizza base or make one at home, pizza base should be soft and fresh. Take the pizza base and add pizza sauce to it, you can either make your own pizza sauce or buy a ready made one from the market. I have used Veeba pizza sauce. The next step would be to add your favorite veggies or meat, I took some mushrooms and baby corn dipped them in all purpose flour and corn flour batter and fried them up, added some bell peppers, onions and topped it up with pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese. Added seasonings like oregano and chilly flakes. Baked the pizza for 15-20 mins at 180°C. Served hot !!!!



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Hello! I’m back with a tempting dish the “Honey chilly potatoes”, This dish is a no sweat dish and appetizing. Now to make this just take big potatoes and cut them into long pieces add some water and salt and par boil them for about 10 mins. After this process, take a zip lock and put these par boiled potato fingers in the freezer for a while. Later take it out and just fry them till golden and crisp. For the sauce, take some oil in the pan add garlic cloves ,ginger Julian, chopped green chillies, add some onions and bell pepper and fry it up, add schezwan sauce, red chilli sauce, soya sauce, some tomato ketchup, salt, pepper and  mix well and add the fried potato fingers, toss it up and add 1 tsp honey on the top. The honey will give a glaze to your dish, sprinkle some sesame seeds to garnish and serve hot!


Basil Chicken.jpg

Hello Foodies! Today’s dish is Basil Schezwan Chicken with Fried Rice, which is a perfect blend of amazing flavours ! Basil’s are very salubrious and when cooked with chicken it becomes heavenly. This a quick dish and appetizing, all you have to do is marinate the chicken(boneless) pieces in salt, pepper and egg whites an then shallow fry them in oil. Keep the chicken aside, take a sauce pan add oil, chopped garlic, schezwan sauce, soya sauce, chilly sauce and some ketchup, mix it up add freshly chopped basil and put the fried chicken into it mix it well. Now for the rice! Just take veggies that you love, like I took some yellow and red bell peppers and 2-3 baby corn, cut them according to the size you desire and fry it up in oil, add salt, pepper, soya sauce, vinegar and the boiled rice and mix well. Serve hot!


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Hola Foodies! This Saturday I have tried to create a fusion in my food and it worked out to be luscious!!!!! I have mixed our classic butter chicken with a Mexican dish. Quesadilla is now popularizing among people, so I decided to give it some extra punch and what could be better than “Butter Chicken”. Quesadilla resembles tortilla, one can buy ready made tortillas or make it fresh at home by mixing a dough of all purpose flour, salt, some oil, water and roll it into a flat roti. The process of making butter chicken is too simple just take 2-3 red tomatoes boil it with some cardamom, cloves, salt and kashmiri red chilly powder. Once boiled, let it cool n blend it with a blender and sieve out the puree. Now just add some oil in a kadhai, ginger garlic paste, the tomato puree, boneless chicken pieces, some garam masala, butter, roasted kasoori methi and top it up with fresh cream once the curry is cooked. Once all this is done just place your butter chicken in between the tortilla and top it up with some pickled red cabbage and onions.

Chicken Lasgna

Chicken Lasagna.jpg

Ciao Foodies!! This Saturday it is Chicken Lasagna! Chicken Lasagna is an Italian dish and trust me it is toothsome! I have made red sauce and white sauce and mixed them together and cooked it in some olive oil, garlic cloves and boneless chicken pieces. Then just grease the baking bowl with some oil and boil some lasagna sheets and place it layer wise and in between these layers keep adding chicken. Finally on the top add grated cheese and Italian herbs. Then bake it at 180 ° for 30 minutes and tadddaaaaa….. your chicken lasagna is ready!


pink sauce pasta.jpg

It is pink sauce spaghetti today!! This is the most easiest Italian dish and a piquant one! The pink sauce is nothing but a mix of red sauce and white sauce, to make this you just need olive oil, finely chopped onions, 4-5 crushed garlic cloves, tomato sauce or marinara sauce, salt and pepper accordingly, dash of sugar, a cup of heavy cream, grated Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs. Cook the sauce well and add boiled spaghetti to it. To finish it add cilantro on the top and serve with some hot garlic bread.


kiberry cheesecake

Hey food fanatics! This Saturday it is kiberry cheesecake (kiwi &strawberry) cheesecake!! It is a no bake cheesecake recipe and an uncomplicated dish to prepare. To prepare this you just need crushed Crackers or Marie biscuit add melted butter to it and put it on the base and refrigerate it for 15-20 mins, later mix whipped cream with cream cheese and few drops of vanilla essence and add it on top of the biscuit layer and top it up with freshly cut fruits and some glaze to give it an alluring effect.

kiberry cheesecake2

So, this is my no bake, easy to make kiberry cheesecake and in this picture you can see the layers perfectly! Do try this at home and summers are the best time to relish this chilled cheesecake.